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Accurate Drafting & design is me, Frank Petersen. I have a home office on E. 49th near Fraser St. This keeps my over head low and saves you money. I was a Better Business Bureau Member for the past 5 years but I’ve just given it up with a perfect record. I focus on personal service and accurate well thought-out drawings for home owners, builders and contractors. Having drawings done does not have to be an expensive endeavor, in fact it should help you save time and money.

Why Accurate Drafting & Design?

-Low over head,
-Dedicated and trustworthy,
-Very reasonable rates,
-You only pay for time spent.
-Creative with space issues
-Experienced in all trades,
-skilled draftsman,
-Timely and flexible,
-Thrive on being accurate,
-Customer satisfaction.

My drawings are submitted for permits, contracts, design work and health departments. They include, floor plans, site plans, sign permits, kitchens, bathrooms, basement suites, mezzanines, decks, restaurants, offices, and you name it. You will find that I am an excellent value considering my skills, experience, and desire to make my customers satisfied.

If you shop around you will know what a good deal I am.

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